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Z-onedoll since 2016 is the result of the merge of their company and Hitdoll. These 2 companies now focus on producing silicone love dolls with heating and sounds features, known as intelligent dolls.

This company is located in Guangdong (like mostly of the suppliers in this business), and is running since a couple of years.  A few years ago Hitdoll was offering as well TPE dolls and Silicone dolls, but since the merge they only focus on Silicone Intelligent dolls (when you place order you can choose an extra free head OR the heating feature) and the robot dolls.

All products from Z-onedoll are in compliance with CE norms of safety, means that all the material is tracked down and reduce health hazards.

In fall 2018, Sinodoll is a new brand from Z-onedoll with more options and details.

Intelligent Dolls

Intelligent dolls are sex dolls with the heating and sounds features. The body will slowly reach a human body temperature and giving you the sensation of a living human body around you.

Z-onedoll heat control and sound control comes with an APP (Android), Sounds can be uploaded through a USB socket on the back of the head, which is a huge improvement of the previous built-in sounds system. (Except head 28)

Z-oneDoll Intelligent APP

Z-oneDoll Intelligent Dolls

A doll placed in bed under the quilt unplugged car keep the body temperature for 4 hours (unplugged), It’s the perfect feature to fall asleep during winter !

And at last but not least, now all heads can have oral option with the heat or sound option (except the head number 25)

Main Switch

Main switch of power sound and heating switches.

Function Selection Button

By pressing this button for 3 seconds to enter sound selection mode, release if when you hear the prompt tone. The sound will be played in sequence, and when it comes to our favorite sound, press the button for 3 seonds, then this sound will be become the default sound option when the system starts.

Press it 7 seconds to enter the volume selection mode, then release the button : Adjust the appropriate volume according to the tone of the sound, confirm the volume after pressing the button for 3 seconds, then exit.

Sound Charging Port

Battery charging port. When the sound becomes small or there is no sound, please use this for charging.

Power Charging Port

Connect the power cord, and press the switch, then the doll can be heated.

Robot Doll

Robot dolls are the next improvement of Z-onedoll. After a first release of a robot doll only in Chinese, they are now working on a system that can be updated like the Platinum Intelligent dolls. The release date will be for 2018, price is not yet known but should be cheaper than the first wave of robot dolls.

These dolls are the feature of the sex doll industry, having a physical presence that can have facial expression, some IA for talking will bring the love dolls into another step !


Silicone Sex Dolls

145cm Silicone Sex Doll – Sheri


$1,790.00 $1,699.00