IronTech Doll – Options List

If you plan to customize your IronTech Doll sex doll, here it is the complete option list.

Check here for the complete body list.

Wig style

You can choose between 3 categories of wigs, Asian, Classic, and Premium. You can order wig separately as well.

Premium wigs have better quality overall, easier to comb, and easier to adjust.

Asian Wigs Selection
Normal Wigs Selection
Normal Wigs Selection
Premium Wigs Selection


You can select any color, and all eyes are swappable. You can change them at any time. (If you need extra set contact us).

Eyes Colors

Skin Color

IronTech Doll sex dolls can be purchased the same as photo-shooting to you can change the color according to the color grid

IronTech Doll body color grid

Areola size and color

Areola can be customized as well according this colour/size chart.

Areola Options

Vagina style

You can choose between an insert or a built-in vagina.

If you are not quite sure about what to buy, here it is a quick guide on how to choose the vagina style.

You can contact us as well if you still have more questions.

Pubic hairs style

You can choose between 3 styles, or leave it clean (shaved). The default is no hairs.

Pubic Hairs

Nail style

You can select the finger from a selection of colours

Fingernail colors

Standing feet option

Sex dolls can’t stand by themselves or you need to have them lean onto something.

With the standing option, you only need to find the balance point, and voilà, your doll can stand by herself.

Standing feet vs standard feet

Head style

For bigger size dolls here it is the complete list of available heads.

Heating and sounds options

IronTech Doll sex dolls can have the heating and sounds options, here it is a video with a doll featuring this option.

Discreet Packing

Example of packing with insert vagina. (wig/clothes may vary from the pictures presented here).

Special requests

If you need a special request, make-up, color, wig, contact us. We will make our best to make it happen.

IronTech Doll Sex Dolls

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