How to dispose of your sex doll

When it’s time to change your doll because she is getting too old the question « where to dump her ?» shows up.

We need sometimes to dump these large products for various reasons and here is some advice to do it properly.

Dump it « somewhere »

Obviously it’s not the perfect solution and you can trigger some odd news in the newspaper. Like this doll dumped in German under a bridge and was suspected to be a corpse!

Also, this solution is not Eco-friendly as the doll will be mostly buried or at best burned into an incinerator.

Sell it as second hand

This is so far the best environmental solution so far. But, selling second-hand sex toys is hard. Even very clean they will mostly be used as a mannequin or anything else. Also, shipping costs can be prohibited.

You can try on different platforms like Reddit or TheDollforum. Some companies offer to buy you your second-hand sex toys but we don’t know if it’s serious or not.

Recycling the doll

So far the most plausible solution. We did some research with a trash incinerator manager and asked questions on how to to do it.

First, the doll will be considered as metallic waste product, so it can be recycle.

Secondly try to dismantle the doll as much as possible to easy the recycle work, if you can’t just dump the whole doll into the metallic recycle container.

Recycle center

What’s next?

There are 2 options, this depends on where you live and how the recycling is handled.

  • Manual recycle: Doll can be sold to a small recycling plant and will be peeled manually. They can as well recycle the TPE doing like this.
  • Automatic shred: The doll will be shred with a lot of other products and the wastes will be sorted out from the metallic parts by an automatic process.


This is the environmental protection agency (bureau). If you have a question about how to recycle or dispose of your doll the best answer will be to contact them, they will guide you on facilities close to your area.

In Europe, most big cities have self recycle areas. just dump it in the metallic container (dismantled if possible)

If you have any question, contact us!!

One thought on “How to dispose of your sex doll

  1. Terry clark says:

    I could never dispose of my gorgeous doll in that way ! I love her too much , and she deserves more respect than that !
    I’d rather bury her or have her cremated ! I’m more worked about what will happen to her when I’m dead and gone !
    I would never abandon her !
    I really love her with all my heart !!!

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