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The brand WM Dolls is also known as WM Doll (cf Logo), it’s a Chinese company located in Guangdong. The company started its business with mannequin for clothes shop. They have a long experience with foam, rubbers and of course the TPE ! .

125cm TPE Love Doll, a Realistic Love Doll, Adult Love Doll Selection

The Beginning of WM Dolls

Around 2010 they starte to work on the sex doll as we know. Because in China manufacturing costs are competitive they were able to offer to the market mid range dolls for a really affordable price. Unlikely to most Chinese factories, they import their TPE for Japan for better quality.

At this time the best seller was the 125 cm doll, with fully articulated skeleton.

WM Dolls 140cm TPE Sex Doll

The first 140cm TPE Sex Mannequin

Later on the 140cm range with the new “Angel” face replaced the 125cm in term of best seller. Because now many countries starts to ban the import of childlike dolls, the 140cm don’t fall under the restriction (even a 100cm with big breast has nothing to compare to a child).

This new range of 140cm comes in 3 skin colour, and because of the size, all heads are inter-compatible.

A dedicated storage case is also available for all the 140cm (3 locks with key)

WM Dolls Storage Case

After the 155cm, the actual best seller in the WM Dolls range in larger dolls are the 170cm

In the last few years WM dolls comes up with a few noticeable evolutions :

Enhanced Mouth

The Mouth is now more realistic with a tongue.

Standing Feet

155cm TPE sex doll - Body details

Love Dolls can’t stand by themselves. They have to be lean on something (a wall or a chair). With this option, the ankles and feet are reinforced, the doll can now stand by itself.

Male Doll

In 2016 they come up with their first male doll, a shemale doll is in work and will continue to improve and be active in the love doll market.

All their dolls are in comply with EN Toys norms :

  • EN71 Part 1 : 2011 + A3 : 2014
  • EN71 Part 2 : 2011 + A1 : 2014
  • EN71 Part 3 : 2013

And because they are famous you will see a lot of pictures of their products in really cheap website !  People say “When you are copied it’s because you are famous” !

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