What is the TPE ?

TPE is the acronym of Thermoplastic Elastomer, and it is also called Thermoplastic Rubber. As opposed to the Silicone, TPEs are made by a mix of plastic and rubber, and will have both the properties of the plastic and the rubber.

The main property is being able to be stretched and come back to it’s original shape, giving the product a longer life than other materials.

The process to create a product is to melt chips together and poor them into the desired mold. Once casted the product is cooled down in a bucket of water.

TPE chips
TPE Chips

Once put in shape it can become this :

Leila - life size dolls - Realistic Love Doll
Leila – life size dolls – Realistic Love Doll

Advantages of the TPE

It is a recyclable product since it can be molded, or re-used as plastic. TPEs does not requires extra chemical compounds to be stabilized or some reinforcing agents. TPEs also resists well to temperature differences and required less energy to produce than other rubbers, making it cheaper.

TPEs can also easily be colorized using different sort of dyes directly during the melting process, with a result of an even colour everywhere.

TPEs are easy to repair, as the process will be for force a melting process with a glue between two parts.

TPE in the Love Doll World

A lot of seller are mixing things up and TPEs are often called Silicone TPE, or Silicone rubber, which is totally not accurate, as Silicone and TPEs are 2 very different materials.

TPE dolls will be cheaper than their Silicone counterparts because of lower production costs, dolls will be also lighter, as the TPE is lighter than the Silicone, making the love dolls easier to carry from one place to another place.

With the rubber property, TPE dolls will have a better resistance to stretching (bending of knee, elbow…), as long it is replaced in resting position after used, and following some maintenance tips.

TPEs are easy to repair, using the same process as the factories, you can melt 2 parts of TPEs with a very small amount of glue to repair a scratch for example or you can melt extra TPE material to fill in a hole or cavity.

The dolls will have a smooth feeling and more soft than the silicon ones.

TPE copies in the love doll market

Because TPEs are a blend of plastic and rubber with lower production cost, it’s really easy to find really cheap dolls using poor quality rubber or recycled products, as love dolls will be used in intercourse, skin to skin we do recommend to buy from genuine brands. They will have certified TPEs banning the use of prohibited chemicals, genuine brands will be also easier to repair and will last longer.

Copies can also have a different pourcentage of rubber and plastic, making them either to easy to break or either unpleasant to use because too stiff.

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