Watch out when dumping your sex doll!

We all know that everything on Earth has a lifetime, and eventually it will break.

We cover in the past different ways to recycle and properly dump your sex doll, but sometimes some owner might dump their old doll anywhere

Police officers and firemen on duty in Japan to save.. a doll

In Japan, Hachinohe city, the rescue services were on duty to inspect and help what was suspected to be a drowned body.

Because of that many first responder on spot lots of fishermen were gathering to check what was going on.

A good ending for the divers

The surprised was at maximum when the body they were saving was a sex doll !

Recycle your Dolls, be responsible.

For this time it was just a mannequin and not a real person. But this event required some first responders that probably went missing to help real victims.

It’s not the first time (and won’t be the last too). In 2018 the Ohio Police found a body in a parc wrapped into a blanket that was also a sex doll !

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