AF Doll – Options & Bodies in detail

If you are interested to buy an AF Doll sex doll here are all the details needed to build your dream doll. From the Wigs, Eyes to the Heating option.

Bodies range of AF Doll TPE Sex Dolls

From small and thin body to large hips you will find a large collection of bodies with AF Doll

All AF Doll sex dolls

Males sex dolls are also available:

When ordering your doll you can let the skin color as it is (photo-shooting), or you can change it to another one. Below all the bodies colors side by side.

AF Doll skin colors

Heads customizations

Each bodie can fit any head. When customizing your doll you will have the option to change the head.

Below all heads available (for 140cm and above), or click the link

Eyes and Wig can be changed as well and bought separately if want to change the look of your sex doll later on.

AF Doll Eyes
AF Doll Wigs

Nails color option

You can change finger and feet nails during the order process

Finger Nails

If you find the nails a little bit too long it is possible to cut them a little bit directly in the factory.


Structural Options

Standing feet

With AF Doll you have the option to add the standing feet option. With this option, the lower part of the feet will be strengthened giving you the ability to put your doll onto a balance point.

Standing option

Enhanced skeleton

With an upgraded skeleton your doll will be able to move the shoulders. Giving you more lifelike positions options

Heat & Sounds

You can as well have the option of having the heat & sound option. The soundbox will be located at the back of the body. The doll will react to contact with different body parts.

Special Requests and Make-up

If you need special make-up or you have a requirement for the wig or anything, let us know! We will do our best to make it happen.

All our dolls comes with various accessories

Check out our AF Doll Sex Dolls!

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