Copies & Scams, be an informed buyer

copies & scams

Copies & Scams, be an informed buyer


After receiving a lot of inquiries for customers asking why some websites are so low in prices with the same pictures. We’ve decided to inform you of the counterfeits market.

At Realistic Love Doll we receive every week a lot of quotations from Chinese factories. Claiming that they have a new process that can cut the cost by 3 times and offer the same quality as WM dolls (the most copied).

The TPE (or Silicone) itself

What is important is a doll will requires a lot of TPE or Silicone to be crafted. If you cut the cost with a low quality material, you will reduce a lot the overall cost. And also the overall durability and safety.

Also, TPE is TPE and Silicone is Silicone. Silicone TPE doll is a term to generate more traffic on website !

On the upper image, it’s obviously not the correct description. Fristly this doll is a WM dolls, and they only do TPE dolls. The intelligent ones are from Z-oneDoll

This doll is a 140cm from WM Dolls

All our suppliers have CE certifications. Tests are conducted on the final product directly, some factories will send us tests on the raw material, which make impossible the traceability of the product.

For example, WM Dolls TPE is imported from Japan, and the skeleton is made in the factory directly for each doll. Each love doll will have a new skeleton and newly produced TPE. Cheap factories will use recycle TPE from a large variety of sources. Also this TPE can be blended with unknown materials (this factories never sent us CE reports when asked).

Genuine dolls skeleton can be setup in a lot of different poses. Second hand skeleton will have less abilities to achieve a lot of poses.

Website and Price

Websites have to show the companies informations, the company registration number and address must appear on the terms and conditions. In this case you can check if the company is duly registered in its country. Cheap website will just show or emails !

Prices is important for you, and we try to offer the best prices as possible for you. But when customers ask us a 500 USD discount on a 140cm because they have seen the same for half the price it is obviously a fake doll.

WM dolls is the most copied brand, their pictures are found everywhere ! And some customer received blow-up dolls instead of solid doll !

Customer reviews

This is important for the buyer side. Checking other customers feedback !   As webmaster can generates fake reviews easily, we (retailers) now use companies that collect the review for us and publish them on the website. We use Yotpo, a US company specialized in customers review, in every fields. We noticed that some website uses fake Yotpo badges, but you can easily compare their review with ours if you feel something is wrong. You can also contact Yotpo directly and ask them if the website is registered with them.

Also, you can be the top brand in the world, you will never have 5 stars all the time !

After sales service

When you shop genuine brands you will have the full customer service. If something is wrong with your order, we will send a replacement part or help you to fix it.  We will send also pre-shipment picture. You will see your order before the shipping, no surprise !

If you have any question feel free to contact us

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