How to set up your silicone doll from Z-onedoll

set up your silicone doll

You finally received your doll and now you just need to set up your silicone doll !

Here is a quick tutorial on a Z-onedoll silicone doll, but it is almost the same for the other brands (WM Dolls for example).


The first step will be to mount the head. First screw the bolt at the bottom of the neck and then mount the head on the body. No need to screw in full as the head will require a little mouvement.


The next step will be to get familiar with the mouvements and the joints. The joint may feel hard at the very beginning they will get a bit loose with time. You can request to have the articulations hard or loose when you place order.

For the arms and legs movements just respect the natural body motion limits.  It’s also recommended to leave the arms and legs in the resting position when you don’t use the doll. This will prevent damage to the Silicone (or the TPE).

Now it’s time to place the wig. !  Note that you can use the elastic bands on the side to tighten the wig on the head.

Brush the hair, and now all is set !

Optional : Insert

If your silicone love doll comes with an insert you will have to use a water based lubricant to insert the insert into your sex doll.

If you need any assistance with your purchase feel free to contact us. All these steps are almost the same for the TPE love dolls, don’t hesitate to follow the same steps when setting up your doll.







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