Z-onedoll products ending – January 2020

This post is a piece of news for those who will read this before January 2020, or will explain why the brand closed in early 2020.

Z-one Doll

Z-Onedoll was a brand started by Hitdoll a couple of years ago focusing mainly on Silicone sex dolls.

After a short time, Z-onedoll pulled out a lot of their head models from the market due to the huge amount of counterfeits.


Sinodoll is a branded started 2 years ago almost and focusing on high-quality silicone love dolls.

We were almost sure that they won’t keep all the previous dolls as they need to maintain the molds and it’s costly (a mold cost around 4000 USD to create and age pretty fast).

And this happened, we all received a note yesterday that Z-onedoll will stop receiving order end of January 2020. The Chinese new year starting around this date the last delivery will be for March.

ZoneDoll ends January 2020

For now, all the Silicone Sex Dolls will be only from the brand Sinodoll. Hitdoll and Z-onedoll are no longer available.

4 thoughts on “Z-onedoll products ending – January 2020

    • Realistic Love Doll says:

      Hi Randy,
      Silicone where very expensive a few years ago, but now it’s getting more affordable.
      TPE are still good when it’s your first doll.
      The WM Dolls last designs are very beautiful ! really worth it for a collection.

    • Realistic Love Doll says:

      All dolls are made to order. We won’t have any clearance or special prices. Z-oneDoll stops the production and will no longer receive orders after January 2020.
      All Silicone dolls after must be ordered from Sinodoll (same company, new brand).

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