How to make money with Sex Dolls

Some insights on how to earn cash following what our affiliates are doing

Define your strategy

We have various affiliates at Realistic Love Doll.

Some are running websites with a lot of products from different websites. And one is even a porn actor!

Selling as an affiliate in a shopping platform

If you register for our affiliate program you will have a special link to put into your website. When someone comes from your site and checkout you will earn a commission. With the cookie system even if the sale is a few days after you will still be credited (unless the customer clean all his cookies on a regular basis).

By doing so you don’t have to manage all the customer part of the suppliers, the risk is not even on you.

If you have already a shopping platform selling various kinds of products (better in the sex toys industries), adding some dolls can be a good way to increase revenue.

The commission is 5% of the total. On a product of 1500 USD, you can earn a 75USD flat. A pretty good deal of you has already a website running.

Sex Dolls are more than a trend now. The prices were quite high a few years ago, but due to high competition, lots of factories and sellers, the prices went down pretty hard. And the demand went up as a result.

The p0rn way!

Don’t face our best affiliate is in the sex industry. He first started to add a link on our site from his X rated short clip. He did a pretty good conversion in the long run.

From 0 to Hero

It’s still possible to start from your basement! If you are not shy and want to engage in the porn industry, you can buy a doll and shoot a movie with. With some basic editing, you can promote a website where all your movies are. Run advertising on it and earn money each time someone visits the website.

Add on this a link to the doll you are using and maybe you will engage in some sales! Your viewer will picture himself doing the doll and will want to do the same. What not earning an extra couple of dollars with this?

The porn industry is something huge. Once you have some movies ready, you can work with big platforms, like Pornhub or Xhamster.

These websites make living with any kind of producers, so you have totally a chance to make this work!.

Don’t worry about privacy, with a camera (now the phone’s ones are really good), and a good angle you can remain anonymous! And maybe go into you never thought before!

Ready to start?

The easiest way is to resell as an affiliate, but if you want to go into making p0rn content creation is always a good choice!

And don’t forget that this business worth billions of dollars. Get your share!

Sex Doll Porn – How to start

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