WM Doll first Silicone head


This month of June 2019 WM Doll releases their latest innovation.

A realistic silicone head for their sex dolls range.

The first question we asked was “Do you plan to step into the doll market?” but unfortunately it’s a no.

But! there is always a “but”, a few years ago they said they didn’t plan to step into the Silicone market.

Last year WM Doll did some trial orders with RZRN, a Chinese Silicone Sex Doll manufacturer. This was probably a market test!

Fanny Silicone Head – WM Doll

For now, there are no options for the head. It is the same eyes, same hair, and the same skin.

Of course, it is possible to mix match a TPE body and a Silicone head. Dolls can be produced with anybody matching the head skin. But it has to be done at the same time.

We will offer this option for all the WM Doll TPE Sex Dolls. In doing so, the skin body will be white to match the head’s color.

Because the hair is implanted, the price will be much higher than a regular head. A TPE head is usually 390 USD with the traditional wig. Here we are more around 1200 USD (price not yet fixed).

Fanny Silicone Head

Head Details

Implanted Hair
Vivid eyes
Lifelike Skin
Detailed Eyelashes

In the past Z-onedoll released also implanted hair, but the option has been canceled a few months later.

Here, WM Doll offers us a stunning head ! very realistic in all ways! If you are a doll lover and are willing to pay a few more pennies for this level of detail, go!


2 thoughts on “WM Doll first Silicone head

  1. Paul Centola says:

    Is it possible that I can buy this head separately? And is it compatible with JY Doll sex dolls as well? I don’t really care if the skin doesn’t match exactly. As long it’s close enough for me to fix with either photo editing apps or foundation, and the head looks pretty. That’s all that matters to me. I have a JY Doll sex doll, and I want her to look as human a possible. So that I don’t have to worry about doing too much editing to make her look human in photos.

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