Realistic Love Doll : Special Packages

155cm TPE WM Dolls Value Pack - Special Packages

New Special Packages page available !


Because we know purchasing a realistic love doll is not a cheap move. So at Realistic Love Doll, we have setup  a page for some special packages and special offers.

We will start with a 155cm body with the 2 different head styles for WM Dolls, one with closed eyes, one with eyes open.  This special package comes with a blond and brunette wigs you can match at your convenience.  We will also put in the box a storage hook to store your doll in an upright position.

This 155cm TPE Sex doll from WM dolls can have all the option as other dolls, it’s the same process as ordering any doll. You can choose the standing option, the enhanced mouth (buy one, get one free) and pubic hairs !    A TPE repair kit is also included.

In the futur we will create more packages with various items, could be a doll with some sex toys and accessories, 2 types of bodies ! Everything is possible !

If you want another head style / wigs feel free to contact us, it’s still possible to customize a little bit more !

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