Sexbot, male dolls to another step !

sex bot

The US company Realbotix is working on a new sexbot !

A male sexbot with a AI Penis better than a dildo ! (and a little more pricy)

With a price tag between 13000 and 16000 USD, this new sex doll is getting more and more close to any science fiction movie.

sex bot
sex bot

Even some follower of Abyss Creation are telling that they are creating Skynet. For the creator, this new generation of IA sexbots will change the way women use sex toys by the end of 2018.

Matt McMullen says that women need human contact in a world filled with computers. And this new era of sex doll will fulfill this need of contact.


Henry is the new sex bot, available maybe fall 2018 !

If you are looking for a much more affordable male doll we have Yannick ! Always ready to serve !

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