170cm H cup Sex Doll Unboxing !

Sex Doll Unboxing

Last month one of our customer did a sex doll unboxing and posted-it on The Doll Forum !

It was the first time for him to order a doll. So we all can imagine he was excited to receive his new sex doll !

The Sex Doll

The doll is a 170cm H cup from WM Doll

170cm H Cup WM Dolls Photo Shooting

Before the shipping we sent our customer all pictures to make sure everything was correct (according his product customization)

170cm H Cup WM Dolls in factory view
Wig and back details
Moving shoulders
Hands details
Standing feet

We cover all the order process in this article.

The Unboxing

Now let’s see the unboxing.

As you can see the package is smaller than the doll as the head is aside. As well everything is well packed.

The box is just open
All accessories are separate and protected

Each doll comes as well with some daily tools to help you manipulate, store and clean the doll.

Stater Pack ! In each order

A hook, Gloves, a vaginal irrigator, and a comb. It’s basically a starter pack !

Wig and Clothes as packed inside separately. Note that the extra outfit that comes with all orders is shipped in another envelope ! check your mail box !

Wig and extra lingerie
Blanket (pattern may change)

Feet and Hands are receiving an extra protection as well.

Hands are well protected

Travel is long we don’t want to have any damage !

The hardest part for you will be to lift the doll from the carton to your bed. It can be also on blanket on the ground.

Finally unpacked
Ready to go !

Once the doll is clear from the carton box you can start to really unwrap her !

In Conclusion

We can also see in our customer unboxing that WM Dolls improve a lot the bad smell that was almost in each and every dolls in the last few years.

Moving the doll is not easy, and you will need to train to have sure hands. A proper position is also required to prevent a bad hurt in your back.

This doll is nearly 43kg (93 pounds), pay attention don’t hurt yourself !

If you need something lighter you can check the 140cm TPE sex dolls for exemple !

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