Chinese New Year 2019 – Year of Pig

chinese new year 2019

The Chinese New Year 2019 (CNY) will be early of February 2019.

This year will be the year of the Pig. As you may know, during this period of time seller like us that work with China will issue a notice about delay in delivery.

Why the Chinese New Year has so long holidays ?

In China most of the dolls are made in the province of Guangdong (close to Hong Kong).

All the workers come from all over China to works in factories. The CNY in a period of time where all the families are together to celebrate this holiday like in US or Europe for Christmas.

Chinese New Year at Train Station

Because ALL the population is moving at the same period of time, all the industry is closed (as well services – except emergencies) in the same time. It’a a few days in Hong Kong – Taiwan, but 2 weeks in China.

Rush for tickets !

Chinese New Year 2019, impact on shipping companies

All the shipping companies will stop working so we usually haste to deliver the goods before the cut off (it will be something around the 28th January this year 2019).

As a doll takes usually 1 to 2 weeks to get ready, all dolls orders placed before the 20th of January have chances to be ship before the CNY. Orders will be resumed the 12th of February.

Factories now try to shorten more and more the delay to have 100% production capacity.

But for the second part of February you can except delays as also shipping companies will be overwhelmed by parcels !

If you plan to buy a doll in the early of 2019 we suggest you to place your order in January, or after the Chinese New Year 2019.

CNY aftermath, Back to normal

Offices open before the productions line, si all orders received during the CNY will be queued in resolved in order.

Shipping company

If you are fine with a week or two of delays. You can place your order during the CNY and be sure to have your sex doll produced as soon as possible once the production starts over !.

We will update the holidays schedules of the factories once we receive notice from them !

All orders before the 20th of January will be shipped before the factories holidays (9th of February).

All orders after will be queued and resume the 12th of February after the holidays. 

To compensate the delay provoked, we offer 10% discount on any WM, YL, Sanhui Dolls until February 12th ! Just enter the code “Piggy” on your cart !

Everything will be back to normal by the mid of February. !

Happy New Year !

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