Canton Adult Expo 2018

Canton Sex Fair 2018

This November Realistic Love Doll was at the Canton (Guangzhou) Adult Expo 2018

It’s for us a good time to meet all our suppliers in the same place and talk what they have in the line for the near futur.

  • Incoming Sex Dolls Brands

This year we also met new suppliers that you maybe know, such as JY Doll, Shuntai, Jarliet, Asdoll and more! And also other products that you can use as accessories to increase your sex experience with our love dolls ! In a couple of months our catalog will increase with more brands (first to come will be the complete update of the Sanhui Silicone dolls with the latest options available). Here it is below some pictures we took during our visit. We will work to list most of them before the Christmas season!

  For all the brands we source we consider your safety first. We don’t deal with cheap factories, but with one that can trace the TPE/Silicone, they use. For example, WM Dolls TPE comes from Japan, Jarliet uses TPE from the USA. Buying genuine brands is also a top quality skeleton with a full range of motion! Sourcing all these new suppliers will give you more choices for your dream doll!  Asian looking, Caucasian Looking or even very close to Celebrities! All you need to fulfill your fantasy!

  • Sex Toys

For some of you, buying just a sex doll is not enough, and sex toys are a good option to play with your love doll. It can be a Dildo, a Sex Pillow, a Masturbator (Automatic or traditional). You can play with it alone, with your partner or with your doll!

  • Bonus for you! – Pole Dance and Sexy Girls

During the fair, we attended a pole dance show. Here are some pictures and videos!  Feel free to share our post!

  If you have any question about the products, the new or past suppliers or any comment,  feel free to contact us !  

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