Genuine WM Doll vs Fake Doll

Genuine WM Doll vs Fake Doll

The following article comes from the Doll Forum and was written by WM Doll.

It’s a good example on what are the differences between a real WM Doll and a fake one.

A cheaper website will steal the picture from shops. Even if we put a watermark they can be removed, so they ended up with a verification code. This code is only available for bigger dolls. For Heads, they are not supplied as they fear scammers will just buy heads to use the code for fake bigger dolls.

Test Product

They took a best seller as a test try and compared it with the cheap copy. Let’s see what is coming out of the review!

WM Doll’s Article:

Whether you’re a veteran sex doll player or a novice player, you’ve definitely heard of WM Doll. WM Doll not only has sex dolls of all shapes and sizes but also dolls of different skin colors and races.

Such as the hottest BBW sex doll, mini sex doll, male sex doll, and anime sex doll… As one of the world’s most popular and best reputation sex doll brands, WM Doll’s success is recognized by most love doll lovers.

However, WM Doll has also attracted a group of copycat sex doll factories, who copied the designs of WM, provided fake sex dolls to inferior sex doll websites, and sold them at very low prices!

For example, a genuine 140cm/4ft7 WM Doll is generally more than 1400 US dollars, but counterfeit sex dolls can be purchased for less than 1000 US dollars. These nasty counterfeit websites have stolen the product pictures of genuine WM Dolls, but they are actually selling poor-quality fake love dolls produced by copycat factories.

While the after-sales service of consumers is not guaranteed, it may also cause damage to your body. Because these fake love dolls are mostly made of secondary recycled inferior materials! You definitely don’t want to pay a lot of money for a second-hand doll that is completely different from the picture or even abandoned by someone else. . .

Today we bring you the unboxing record of the genuine WM Doll and the fake doll and take a comparison. In addition, there are some tips about how to identify sex doll scams in the following article. Hope we can help sex doll lovers to identify genuine sex dolls and fake sex dolls, and avoid scams.

Open the outer box:

When you open the outer box, you will find the obvious differences between the two dolls! To preserve the doll from rubbing and hurting, WM Doll features an amazing protective blanket and integrated cardboard, whereas counterfeit dolls are just covered by a sponge. Although both dolls have protected for transportation, it is clear that the genuine WM Doll pays more attention to details and materials used. For example, the wrapping protection of the chest, the application of a large amount of sponge, and the application of blankets around the box keep your doll intact and free from any damage during transportation.

Free gifts & accessories:

When you buy genuine WM Dolls, here are the accessories you will get: Wig, lingerie, TPE sample (printed with WM Dolls), inlay, one brochure, and care products are all included with real WM Dolls (comb, hooks, gloves, cleaning pot, USB heating, hole-drying rod).

Verify the anti-fake code:

Genuine WM Dolls come with a booklet. You will see the verification code on page eleventh when you open the booklet. You can use it to verify your doll on WM’s official website.

Step1: Open the official website of WM Doll.

Step2: Find the anti-counterfeiting code verification page.

Step3: Scratch off the coated surface and enter your captcha. Then the system will show whether your doll is genuine.

Body details comparing:

When the two dolls are compared together, you can clearly see that, there are great differences in workmanship and details in addition to the overall similarity in size. The imitators are rough in design and workmanship, let’s get closer and see what the real WM Doll looks like.

Obviously, the fake sex doll has very rough nipples and facial features. The complexion is dull and there is a whitish substance on the surface, apparently unwashed. And there are obvious creases on the surface of the skin, just like the skin folds of the elderly. . .

To sum up, we understand that many people may just want to buy the best product at the lowest price, and sex dolls are no exception. . . But this mentality is exploited by scammers, who put the exact same product image on their website and mark the price much lower than the market price, which is really tempting! But when you place the order, the doll you actually receive may be the fake doll shown above. They are made from recycled cheap TPE material and have not undergone any testing, the skin can tear at any time, and even the skeleton is dislocated! While giving you a bad experience, it may even cause damage to your important parts or skin! Even worse, some unscrupulous websites don’t even ship after you pay! When you have waited for two weeks, all you receive is a pile of air. . .

Sex dolls are personal items, and good quality dolls are valuable and a major investment. But the fun and companionship she can provide are unparalleled by ordinary goods, so it is very important to choose a regular merchant to buy from.

If you have any questions about how to identify real and fake sex dolls, you are welcome to contact us at any time. We will be happy to assist you.

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