Silicone Head LS#60 – AK Doll


Product Brand: AK Doll

✅ Free & discreet shipping (FedEx, DHL)

✅ 100% Soft Silicone Head

✅ Best for sex dolls 140cm and up.

❌ No oral sex if Implanted hair

✅ Oral: 12cm with non-implanted hair

⚠️ Photo-shooting can include implanted hair; the base price covers it. To order Soft Silicone with a wig (a more affordable option) and access additional choices, please use the customization button.

  • *Doll customization

    Choose your head to match the photo shoot with implanted hair (no oral), or customize it with soft silicone!

    Skin color

    Eyes Color

    Choose Wig or Implanted Hair

    For ROS options, you need to choose a wig (soft Silicone)

    *Wig style


    For advanced ROS options (Heating/Sucking) please check the eligible heads list.

    ROS Premium

    Only Heads : S266 S273 S198 LS59 LS60

    *Wig style or color/length

    *Color and Length

    *Hair Length

    Premium Options

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