Chinese New Year 2023 and the Covid situation

This year the Chinese New Year (CNY) starts on the 20th of January. For 2 weeks everything in China will be closed (Factory and Shipping).

All orders received after the 5th of January will maybe have a chance to get delayed for WM Doll for example. For other brands can be the 3rd or the 7th.

Covid Outbreak

Also, China decided to lift all controls on Covid. China is facing a huge outbreak of Covid everywhere. Resulting in lots of workers missing and production slowing down in everything.

Some factories have no date for some productions line and will probably wait until the CNY holidays to let everything settle down.

Ordering during CNY

It is, therefore, possible to order during the holidays, all the Ready to Ship dolls can be dispatched as the offices will check the emails from time to time, just expect a one or 2 day delay in the time to arrange the shipping order for the warehouse.

Orders for the factory will be processed by the time of arrival, in short, expect a 2 weeks delay!

If you have any questions feel free to ask us.

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