YL Doll Christmas Promotion 2022

YL Doll Christmas Promotion

YL Doll is running for this end of year a promotion pretty much same as the one from WM Doll !

Ends of promotion: 31st December 2022. (Does not applies for Dolls in stock)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Free options and some good discounts for TPE dolls

Here is the list of what you can get:

  • Free second head (for dolls taller than 140cm),
  • free gel breasts,
  • free body makeup,
  • free articulated fingers,
  • free standing,
  • free shrugging shoulder.

You will also have a discount on the breathing option (usually for breasts C cup and up) and the WM Doll cleaning machine.

Our Selection of YL Doll TPE

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