Zelex Dolls – Silicone & TPE options

Zelex Options

Zelex dolls offer a large variety of options for their TPE and Silicone products.

Let’s see in detail what choice you can have with Zelex. And how these options can improve your overall experience with these sex dolls.

Zelex Skeleton

The skeleton used by Zelex can offer a large range of movements, here are some examples of what your doll will be able to do.

Sound Option and Heat option

You can also choose to have a heat & sound option with your doll. The soundbox will be placed at the back and will react when the doll is shaking. Languages can be changed.

Sound example

You can also see on this video the plug behind the neck for the heating option.

Implanted hair and eyebrows

For more realism, you can choose implanted hair/eyebrows.

Note that TPE heads with implanted hair/eyebrows won’t have oral capability. If you want oral sex you need to check the “super soft” option, eyebrows will be makeup.

The difference between Implanted synthetic vs real hair is mainly if you want to dye/Perm the hair. If you only want to brush or do a simple hairstyle, synthetic implanted is enough.

The process for implanting hair is very long, we usually need 3 to 4 weeks to complete this task.

Super soft TPE (with oral sex)
Implanted Eyebrows
Implanted Hair

Heads types (Silicone and TPE)

TPE Heads

TPE Heads

Silicone Heads

Silicone Heads

Heads are available as extra options with a discount when you order a doll or you can buy them separately.

The bolt system is M16 same as Jinsan dolls for example

Body, Face Freckles and Bikini Lines

For even more realistic faces and bodies, you can have custom body painting. Freckles and Bikini lines are very long-lasting, almost permanent, under normal use.

Zelex Options, Wig, Nails, etc..

Here are the mainstream option for all the sex dolls.

Zelex Options

Zelex Silicone Dolls Measurements

Special Orders

It’s always possible to customize something, but bear in mind that changing body measurement (bigger breast for example) is another doll, so you will need to create a new one from scratch!.

You can contact us if you have a special make-up request or hairstyle for example.

Packing and shipping

Zelex cares about your safety and also will make everything for your doll to arrive safely home.

For European customers, it’s possible to have an import clearance service. The free one will have a shipping time of 6 weeks, but you won’t have to pay any import taxes.

For express VAT shipping please contact us.

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