Mini sex dolls clothes

Mini doll clothes

Buying mini sex dolls clothes can be hard, let’s see where to find them!

Very small sex dolls, 60-80cm

This is probably more complicated to find as you may only find a certain type of clothes. is one of the sites you can find a selection. for example this tee-shirt for a 60cm Dollfie Dream

Outfit for Smart doll Dollfie Dream BJD 1/3 doll image 0
60cm Tee-shirt

Here is a listing of this vendor: Clothes for Smart doll, Dollfie Dream, BJD

Please note that for TPE tight clothes can be harder to put. Make sure to double-check your doll sizes with the product sizes.

100cm sex dolls clothes

This is maybe the most wanted size of mini dolls!

The tricky part will be breast size, but you can go on Amazon (or your local retailer) and check for toddler 4T.

You can check also CoquetryClothing they have a lot of different clothes (quite pricey and they can also handle custom request)

Leopard Print Tuxedo

140cm and up

This size you can definitely shop in a regular shop, take the measurement with you and look at what suits you.

Some of the previous websites will work as well !

Sexy Lingerie

This will be possible for 140cm in super small size because the dolls have breasts!

For mini-doll, we recommend to contact a shop and ask for a custom order. This will be by far the easiest way.

Check also on eBay It’s possible to find some freelance that showcases their work.

We will update this post as soon we find new solutions for mini dolls clothes!

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