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Big changes on the Z-onedoll products line !

 Z-onedoll after moving to a new location (still in Guangdong), will now rearrange all the product lines.For now, these sizes will be stopped : 111cm,120cm,130cm,138cm,150cm as well these heads : A1,A2,A3,A4,A5,A8,A9,A11,A12,A13,A14,A17,A18,A19,A22,A23,A24,A34,A42 (the main reason of this head production stop is the huge amount of copies in the markets)The change on body is apparently local legal restrictions, so they have to stop. Some bodies will still be available for a month, the time to finish using the mold.The previous company (Sino environment) with the old band Hitdoll will now focus on the production of TPE dolls. There is no dates for release on the market, but I think a couple of months the time to have everything ready.The new company (Sino Doll) will be in charge of high quality Silicone dolls. Their goal is to compete with the top brands worldwide. The brand name will remain the same (Z-onedoll). The Z-onedoll products changes will take 2 to 3 months development, new models will become available for this summer..We will keep you up to date of any other news.If you have question on the Zonedoll silicone or Hitdoll TPE fell free to contact us.

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