Our Collection of Outfits and Sex Dolls Accessories

Our Selection of sex dolls accessories

Owning a love doll is just the start ! You will want after to buy more clothes or any kind of sex dolls accessories.

Sex doll clothes

Clothes is not easy to find, especially for smaller dolls. Our collection is best for dolls 140cm and up. They are one size fits all but will be perfectly fit dolls of sizes around 155cm. For sex doll with very huge breast (not natural), you may have trouble with shirt, better choose something loose or stretchy

Wigs and Eyes

Wigs and eyes are easy to change and to adjust. You can also mix match different colours of eyes for more fun !    Note that eyes are brand specific, and you need to order the correct set for you love doll. If you are not sure of the brand of your sex doll please contact us.

As wigs on sex dolls are not fixed, they are easy to change.

Dildos and Penis inserts

Change your doll into a shemale with our penis insert ! (for TPE dolls – WM dolls and YL dolls).

Vagina Inserts

Inserts for TPE dolls are available, your doll needs to be with an insert vagina. You can use a vagina insert if your setup is a built-in vagina. Please note that they are brand specific.

Stain removers and Repair kits (Silicone and TPE)

Keep you doll in top shape with our TPE stain removers and ours repair kits for sex dolls.

Sex dolls storage solutions

Most of customers keep dolls in the original export carton but the best way to store a doll is in the upright position.

The Hook (check for the brand) is perfect to hang a doll in a closet. Head can be stored aside. Also available hard case for 140cm dolls. Prices include shipping cost. If you need a hard case for a bigger doll please contact us.