135cm TPE Sex Dolls

This 135cm TPE Sex Dolls size is in-between the mini love dolls and regular sex dolls.

For WM Doll it was the size before the popular 140cm replaced them. So, all these love dolls have a feeling of being part of history. they were here since the very beginning, and they are still here years after!

They are the early designs from the Jinsan factory and they can be perfect for anyone who is into the doll collection and wants to have a vintage design. But with the latest TPE improvements!

This size is perfect also for anyone that doesn’t have a lot of space to store his doll, or needs to conceal it very easily. It’s very easy to place under a bed or inside a wardrobe.

It’s lightweight making it also very easy to move around. If you are new to the doll hobby, moving a doll around can be a problem with heavier models. With a weight between 25kg and 28kg, these dolls make the task a lot easier.

Even with a smaller size, they can be customized like all the other dolls!

How to order your 135cm TPE Sex Dolls

All our dolls can be ordered “same as picture” or you can use the drop-down menu to change any part of the doll.

Production is usually within 2 weeks and the shipping (to the US) is within a week.

If you have a special request on make-up or anything in mind feel free to contact us.

Check our 135cm TPE Sex Dolls

135cm TPE Sex Dolls

135cm TPE Sex Doll – Joyce