Sino-Doll is a brand located in China doing Silicone sex dolls for around 10 years.

Platinum Silicone

SinoDoll uses platinum silicone to produce its high-end silicone sex dolls and sex toys. This silicone complies to all safety norms (certificate upon request)

The surface of this platinum silicone is smooth delicate and elastic giving the best experience possible. With the Ultra-soft option, some areas can be even smoother! (See product options).

Sex dolls have never been so real

With the smooth-matte effect and the hyper-realism painting, the skin of sex dolls is so close to a real one!  (check out our SinoDoll options page for more information)

The implanted hair and eyebrows options will add another layer of realism to your silicone sex doll!

Intelligent Dolls

Sinodoll is also offering heating and moaning features. Keep your doll warm close to you and hear her moans during intercourse! Sinodoll is bringing sex dolls to another level.

Premium Options

Check out the Sinodoll full list of options to have more details of all the other available options. (Standing option, hymen, tattoos, the new shoulder joint…).

If you have any inquiries, questions about the products, or the options, feel free to contact us.

Realistic Bodies

From small cups to super large breasts check out the full body details page . You will also see all the movements range possible with the metallic skeleton.