Sanhui Sex Dolls

SANHUI Model Making Co., LTD is a Chinese manufacturer of high-quality sex dolls since 2010.

Realistic Love Doll is an authorized dealer of Sanhui.

They were at the beginning specialized into all silicone love dolls and now they are developing a new range of TPE  love dolls.

The strength of Sanhui is their quick shipping policy. Unless you need customization (Tattoo or skin color for example), they will send the confirmation pictures within a week.

Dolls features

All dolls are with a non-replaceable built-in vagina but all orders will include a tool to make the cleaning easier!

The ready to ship color is the pink body. The make-up is done by artists and is long-lasting. If you want another make-up color just let us know what base color you need!

Shipping is discreet and you can adjust the delivery time with the delivery company.

All details on sizes will be on each doll and also on each doll category!

If you have any questions on the Sanhui sex dolls, please send us a message!


165cm Silicone

165cm TPE – Sanhui – Savanna


$2,490 $2,190
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