YL Dolls ready to ship – USA

If you are looking for a doll quickly sent to your door, these YL Dolls ready-to-ship are definitely the right choice for you.

This service is only for the US.

Save a lot on pre-optioned sex dolls

These YL Dolls are sent by cargo to the US so you can save a lot on the price tag!. Plus you will have more extras with these dolls, such as Gel Breasts (if the breast is not too big), standing feet, articulated fingers, and different wigs/eyes.

Free wigs and eyes are random, we can’t tell which ones you will get.

Ask us about the availability of insert/built-in dolls

Because the stock changes a lot some dolls might only be available in one choice. Before placing an order contact us to make sure your choice is available.

Expedited Shipping

Once everything is confirmed shipping is usually done within 48h by express. courrier. Depending on your location you can receive your order in a few days or a week. You can also arrange the delivery time with the delivery company.

Actually in stock