100cm TPE

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100cm Sex Dolls

Our Selection of WM Dolls 100cm sex dolls. Full TPE with fully posable skeleton. They are the same quality as the bigger size sex dolls but in a smaller scale !

These little sexy dolls come with a vagina and an anus, note that if you choose the insert vagina, the anus will not be longer available. Head, Eyes are interchangeable.

Check out these bouncy breasts and the body movements range in the 2 videos below

100cm TPE sex dolls – Breast details

100cm TPE sex dolls – movements range

If you have any question on these 100cm mini sex (delivery and importation in your country) dolls feel free to ask us.

All dolls below are different combinaisons or head/wig and makeup. You can buy them “same as” or customize some parts of them.

1 outfit is included (lingery), but not the one from photo-shooting.