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Love Dolls

At Realistic Love Doll, we offer you Love Dolls in 2 different materials. Silicone and the TPE.

All our Sex Dolls are solid love dolls with a metallic skeleton!

The products you will find here are tested and come from reliable suppliers such as Jarliet, Sino-Doll, Z-one Doll, SY Doll, WM Dolls or YL Dolls

How to order from our Love Dolls

When you look at our love dolls catalog you will find 2 kinds of products.

The pre-setup ones like Constance. Or the Top Category Sex Doll, example SY Doll 158cm Small breast sex doll, where you see all the photo-shooting from the same range and see bodies in various angles.

In both products, you can customize the doll by changing some options or all of them.

Shipping and Confirmation Email

Once the doll is ready we will send you a confirmation email with all the details of your order and picture to double check. If it’s ok for you (at this stage we can still change, eyes, wig or makeup), we will ship the doll.

All prices are including shipping. Lead-time for US/Canada is usually 5 days of shipping.

If you need special delivery, please contact us in advance!

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$1,890 $1,590
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