Ethereum Accepted on Realistic Love Doll !

At Realistic Love Doll we believe that 2018 will be the year of cryptocurrencies. To celebrate the invention and the recent introduction of cryptocurrencies to our world, we now accept ethers and bitcoins as payment on Realistic-Love-Doll ! Indeed, it’s also a very secure method to make discreet payments !

Why Should You Use Cryptocurrencies

  • Quick and Instant Payments
  • No Risk of Fraud
  • Anonymity
  • No Risk of Identity Theft
  • Global Currency


Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain platform for “building unstoppable applications”, while Ether is the cryptocurrency used on this platform. Ethereum can be used for virtually any kind of transaction or agreement (to put it another way, any kind of activity that has an economic or governance aspect), at a lower cost than conventional alternatives, such as debit card payments, PayPal, and ballot voting, in a way that is decentralized, trustless (no intermediary like a bank is needed, Bob can send X ETH directly to Alice), secure, safe and live (with some assumptions like an honest majority of securitors), and censorship-resistant. (from Github Ethereum)

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