Life size child doll : Ban in Norway, impact on mini dolls ?

life size child doll

Important notice : Ban of life size child doll in Norway

Since a few months we see that the regulations over life size child doll are changing in Europe.  Some countries in Europe are importing more and more Child-Like. So,  what is the impact on the regular mini dolls ?

Of course at Realistic Love Doll, our sex dolls are not child-like. But the mini ones, even with big breast will fall under this new rule.

What can be imported then ?

We invite our customers to choose instead dolls of size 140cm and more instead of mini-dolls to avoid any problems in the custom. Even if our mini-dolls are not child-like, we can’t guarantee to export these mini-dolls anymore in Norway.

As far we now the ban is also in UK, we experience also some troubles exporting 100cm dolls there. Therefore, we don’t find any problem exporting 140cm with big breast and bigger size in Norway. But the mini ones may or may not subject to fall under the child-protection regulation. It’s really a matter of judgment of the customs officers.


Ban of childlike dolls NorwayBan of childlike dolls NorwayBan of childlike dolls Norway

Sex dolls are freely imported in many countries in the world (expect the muslims ones), and are just considered as sex toys. The import code for our dolls is “Mannequin” , the customs officers will just perform X ray check to prevent smuggling, but nothing is illegal. The line between is very thin between mini-doll and child-like doll, and we are closely monitoring the regulations on this mini dolls especially in Europe.

On aliexpress customers can find child doll from low quality suppliers but keep in mind that :

  • these dolls are mostly from low quality suppliers
  • might fall under the child-protection regulation

Us, Realistic Love Doll we focus on quality doll and adult life-like doll, known as real doll.

If you have any questions on the regulation for you country on our mini dolls feel free to contact us

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