RZRZN Silicone Sex Dolls – Limited Exclusive Sales

RZRZN Silicone Limited Exclusive


WM Dolls in partnership with an artist, brand RZRZN, will run this exclusive sales . This is a new high end silicone brand from China.

The design change from other love dolls. The body can be split up, and store in a small dedicated box. Having all the doll in a sort of kit, make the doll lighter to move, but also easier to clean and dress up.

The finish of the skin is very realistic and it’s almost a work of a make-up artist. Flesh is very detailed, as face and eyes. It’s a huge step forwards in quality and we hope RZRZN will find success with this level of reality.

Concerning the sales

The sales will take place in a few days, before the Black Friday. We have no detail of the exact size and measurement and we will receive them very soon. Also as it is a very limited product we can only supply 20 in our store.  The final price will be around 3600 USD (not included shipping and customs fees), the price with shipping will be the price during the sales.

This a pre-order, all the orders will be shipped in February, the production is scheduled to end in January. After the sales the mold will be destroyed and another doll will be create.

Any questions, feel free to contact us

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