New WM Doll sex doll 166cm C Cup !

WM Doll just release a new doll, a 166cm doll with C cup.

There is actually 2 photo-shooting featuring this new 166cm, details are stunning as usual for WM Doll !

You will notice that for this doll watermarks are present on the pictures. This is only an attempt to counter all the fake WM Dolls seller on the market.  Price is high because the TPE comes from Japan, and all products have the WM Doll backup ! All doll go throw QC inspection and you receive picture before shipping of your order.

Here are some of the photo-shooting and the product page as well !   If you need any informations about them do not hesitate to contact us !



This 166cm is also available for total customisation as well !

$2,490 $2,040

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