Sex Doll Brothel, the futur of sex?

sex doll brothel

The sex doll brothel is a new trend since 2018, let’s have a closer look to it !

The Brothel 2.0

Sex Dolls

Brothels, also known as bordello are wide spread and have centuries of history.

But the places where this activity is allowed are less and less, due to more regulations from countries.

Facing issue with illegal prostitution (usually in pairs with illegal immigration), sex dolls became an alternate option for people willing to offer services to their customers.

Since a few years ago, sex dolls brothels are opening across the world. Offering customer same services as regular brothels but with sex dolls !

The Advantage of sex dolls brothel

These brothels are mostly legal where normal prostitution is not. Customers can find a place to fulfill their needs and curiosity by trying new positions in total intimacy.

People already engaged with someone will also find that having intercourse with a doll is not cheating with someone else. Or customers to timid to have normal relation with someone.

Lastly, some people suffers some disability where they can’t have sex with a normal person. They can be very violent, and rather than harming people, hitting a doll will have less repercussions. We believe that sex doll brothel used as therapy can be a alternate solutions in some hospitals where prostitution is banned.

Owning a sex doll is also not cheap. A TPE doll can be rather affordable (less than 2000 USD), but when you go to high end silicone brands it can go as high as 8000 USD. Brothels can be a good solution to use sex dolls without the fear of spending thousands of USD to own one !

Around 14% of men in the US had paid for sex one day in their life, so brothel are really a viable business for who wants to run one.

The cost of using a sex doll brothel, and how dolls are cleaned

Each doll has her own room

This is THE concern of a lot of customers, how dolls are cleaned after usage ?

Cleaning after intercourse is mostly how you will clean your own doll. A warm shower with soap, the difference is the orifice will be blasted with a pressure cleaner filled with disinfectant. The final part is using a UV light to kill all the germs inside.

The love doll will be ready for the customer after a quick make-up and the hair done.

Prices for 1 hour are usually between 100 USD to 130 USD. Which is rather cheap compared to a price of 4000 USD for a silicone sex doll.

Why the cost of renting a sex doll is not cheaper ?

Sex doll waiting for a customer

We could imagine that after the initial purchase of a doll, the return over investissement car be very fast. But the cleaning process needs a lot of work force, and can’t be done without the help of employees. So yes, renting a sex doll cannot be very cheap !

In a sex doll in Finland each doll is having her own room, with bed, sofa and a TV. With a maximum of 4 customers in the building to keep noise at acceptable level. This as also a cost.

Normal prostitution versus sex doll brothels

Obviously, the difference is having intercourse with a toy or a real human. But more than that, prostitutes will also talk with their customers, share their issues or problems. Where a sex doll will just fulfill basic needs.

A protest in Barcelona forced a sex doll brothel which was located downtown to move to a more remote location.

Prostitutes were protesting claiming that these robot sex dolls were stealing their jobs!

The consent is also a subject, having sex with a doll is having sex with no limit or consent. Prostitutes fear that customer using dolls too often will lose this consent part when having sex, even we you pay for it.

Also, the sex doll brothels are into a grey area in a legal way. No later than early 2019. The city of Edmonton (Canada) is placing new regulations for the sex doll brothel business. In order to separate the brothel part with the sex doll shop, which will be 2 different business licenses.

Health regulations are also not clear, and the city is investigating complaints to cover this lack of regulation. Customers are advised to use condoms, as there is no way for the brothel to control STD’s

sex doll brothel
sex doll brothel in canada

The futur of the sex doll brothels

Last year a sex doll brothel opened in Paris had been closed after months of complaints. Feminist and Politics saying that this place was promoting rape!

It’s only late of 2018 that the place closed and the owner is looking for another area to open another brothel and with male dolls.

This is an example, but there are a lot like this one. In Europe/US/Canada. Normal prostitution is the oldest job in the world, and maybe we are not ready to places where you can have sex with a machine (this is a fantasy, and we are still far from that). The issue is not a legal one, but a moral one.

Of course this business will need regulations to enforce customer health safety.

For now, we can’t say if this type of business will stay for the long term or will collapse in a few years.

Sex dolls brothels are mostly used as a place to try dolls before buying one, it can be tempting but are you ready to use a doll that a lot of people used before you?

If you are not yet ready to rent one, you can still buy your own sex doll!

Silicone sex dolls

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