How Sex Dolls became so popular?

Why sex dolls became so popular? Why they made the cover of a lot of mainstream magazines? A lot has changed for 10 years in the market!

Sex Dolls market 10 years ago

At that time, the market was a niche. Doll lovers were gathering into forums or Reddit groups. It was not a forbidden hobby but the price of owning a sex doll was really much like a Paywall!

Mostly brands were from the US and Japan, with prices over 5000 USD at the very least.

The Blow-up doll alternative

Yes, that was very a trend this time. A cheap “sex doll” but the realism was really aside! And you had to blow-up your doll each time 🙂

I remember also myself in a tradeshow, looking for blowup dolls and putting my finger into the mouth testing the enhanced mouth and thinking to myself: “Hmmm I would never put my dick inside that”

Sex Doll in movies

In early 2000, Monique was a French movie featuring a sex doll. Alex (Dupontel) though he was ordering a box of wine and instead ordered a sex doll! And he fell in love with her!


This movie was really sharing the daily life of this guy and the chating of his friends around!

List of movies featuring sex dolls

Sex Dolls from 2010 to Present

Then arrived China into play, with cheaper dolls with good quality. Especially the Jinsan factory with WM Dolls and YL Dolls brands!.

With them, prices went down, and dolls went mainstream! (as well copies with super cheap dolls.)

With prices around 1500 USD to 2500USD Sex Dolls became popular for the bigger sizes.

Then some influencers made videos about them, and they became even more popular.

On Youtube, you can find tons of videos about them, from unboxing, to review. All made by customers and influencers. Of course, most of them are paid to do so, but 10 years ago it will awkward to be associated with Sex Dolls.

The Futur of the Sex Dolls?

Trends are volatile by essence. With the huge amount of potential buyers rise a lot of brands, of shops.

It is now complicated to know what is a genuine doll or a copy. WM Dolls introduced a serial number and it is even more important to be an informed buyer.

The next trendy move will be intelligent dolls and the use of VR!

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