Sino-Doll full options list

Since the rebranding of Hitdoll into Zone-doll and after Sino-Doll, their silicone sex dolls get more and more popular and they gained in quality. Let’s see the Sino-Doll full options list.

Standing Option.

Like all other brands, Sino-Doll offers the standing option. Where they are a step ahead is they have 2 options, 1 with the bolt and 1 without bolts!

If you want your doll to stand up and if feet are important for you, this is the option you need.

Standing without bolts
Standing with bolts

Ultra soft body parts

Sino-Doll improved 3 parts of the body where the touch feeling is highly improved. These are Ultra Soft Vagina, Ultra Soft inner thigh, and Ultrasoft ass.

Ultrasoft Tight


Tattoos can be selected from a list at a fixed price, or if you have an artwork that is workable for a doll (body painting, not the traditional needle) you can submit it to us.

Example of Tattoo on doll

We will reply you with a quotation if it’s possible.

Pubic Hairs

You can choose between 7 different styles. Pubic hairs can’t be matched in color with the wig.


This is a one time use option! You will receive your virgin doll and the first time you will have a non-forgettable experience.

Implanted Hair

This option will change the hairstyle of your sex doll. The wig is removed and all hair will be implanted. You can combe them, even cut them if you really want a specific hairstyle!

Implanted Eyebrows

This option is usually paired with implanted hair. Note that like pubic hairs, you can’t color match this option with the wig.

Implanted Eyebrows

Bikini lines

Do you want the Californian suntan? This option will highlight the bikini on your doll!

Bikini lines

New Shoulder joint

The upgraded upper body will allow you to add more body positions.

New Head Connector

The traditional way to fix a head is with a bolt and screw. With this new system, it’s now very convenient to switch or store heads!

New Sino-Doll head connector

Heating & Sound System

This 2 options are nowadays common but it was before the specific perk of Hitdoll!

Warm-up your doll and enjoy hours of a warm body next to you!

Sound system will make your doll moans during the intercourse.

More detail here (chinese version)

Movable eyes

Eyes are removable, but they are fixed once in place.

This option will totally change the way your sex doll looks at you.

Setup a direction and she can track you. (Each eye has to be set up independently).

Sino-Doll Movable eyes option

Bodies and Heads effects

At last but not least the R and S effect. R for Hyper-realism painting and S for Smooth matte effect.

You can choose S alone or both of the option for head and body.

Here are some pictures of the 2 options, you will see that the overall look of the doll is way more realistic!

R+S vs Natural
R+S vs Natural
Natural vs R+S vs S

Special inquiry

Special request, questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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