life size dolls : Shipping and Order details

Leila - life size dolls - Realistic Love Doll

How are shipped our life size dolls

We receive a lot of questions on our life size dolls like “How I am sure I’ll receive the same doll I order? ” or “How can I make sure the colour/wig will be the same of my order? “, “is the shipping discreet?”

First, we work only with the genuine brands directly, for you, for us, it’s safer than going to a third party. Also for each Z-Onedolls order we receive a picture of the dolls with the customized parts (pubic hair…). This pictures are send to you before approval, and once approved we ship the doll.

For WM Dolls or other manufacturers you can also request this picture service also.

Please not that for the skin tone colour, it’s possible to have some variations. A picture from a doll in a warehouse with a cellphone will have a different rendering than one in a  studio !

Here it is an example of a doll, a WM Dolls 140cm Leila : The advertised picture and the actual shipment. All the dolls comes with make-up and an adjustable wig. All the dolls photo-shoot are wearing special clothing not included in the package.

Wig and eyes are easily swappable. And available separately .

Another question we have times to times : “Is the shipping discreet? ”

The Shipping is done with a  regular export carton, bearing size, weight and everything useful for the shipping company. There is no brand/logo on it. The only wording close to doll is “plastic Mannequin”. This is a legal request to identify the product by the customer officer. It is also available on the documentation for the customs.

You can keep the carton box as storage unless you have a sex dolls storage hook or a dedicated sex dolls casing.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us !


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