How to repair a silicone love doll or TPE Sex doll

TPE Repair Kit - Realistic Love Doll - How to repair a silicone love doll

Soon or later you may face the first bump on your sex doll or the fist sign of ages.

Our How to repair a silicone love doll guide and video is here to help you!

It may sound difficult but don’t worry if you take action immediately, you can save your precious doll easily!

Clean your doll

This is the very first step, you want to repair on a clean surface. Remove all the dust, hairs, or anything that can be removed!  

Use a soap with warm water and let the doll dry by itself. Never use a hairdryer or the damages will be worst!

Prepare everything you need beforehand 

Because you work with glue, you can’t wait for too long while doing it.  

Use gloves to protect your hands and work on a clean table or surface.

Don’t use too much glue

The common mistake is too use a lot of glue, when customers order the TPE repair kit for example they often ask for more glue.

Unless you have a huge tear on the doll (more than 15cm), or big pieces missing, a little pot is more than enough.

The glue will melt the materials again to bound them again, if you put to much glue, you will over melt and do more damage than necessary.

Or the TPE Kit you have an extra piece of TPE for filling repair, you can train on this piece first.

Leave the doll at rest for a few hours

When you have finished repairing your silicone love doll or TPE sex doll leave the doll at rest for a few hours.

Don’t bend the knee for example if it’s the damaged part.

Once your doll is totally repaired just remind that this part will be a little bit weaker than the other parts and pay attention to it to avoid other repairs!   Don’t forget that the keyword for repair is: Don’t wait.  

A small tear can become a huge one a matter of time if don’t repair in time!

Check out a step by step video on How to repair a silicone love doll with glue (this works also with TPE doll). Remind that kits are dolls specifics!

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