AI Tech – Robot Sex Dolls – Options and Bodies list

Robot Sex Doll

AI Tech Doll is a brand of intelligent robot sex dolls. They have heating and moaning options and also an artificial intelligence that will let you interact with your doll.

Let’s see all the options of these sex doll and the AI features !

Common Options

Here are the options you can choose to customize the doll’s head and body.

AI Tech Doll bodies

Here are the different body shapes you can select when you customize your doll

Software and product specifications

This is where AI tech doll is innovating

Ai Tech Doll Presentation
Example of conversation

Talking system and Learning

The software comes with 2 languages you can switch, Chinese and English. The Robot head has a learning process were you the more you talk to her, the more she learns. All software updates are a lifetime.

This conversation mode is great for anyone that wants companionship.

With the annual paid service, you can program the background system.

With this you can :

  • Control what the Robot will say
  • Program some dirty talk

The user program answer supports both text or MP3 files. Robots can talk or play music!

Mimic Facial Expressions

The robot head can performs Smiling & winking.

Facial Expressions

Moaning System

With multiple touch sensors, your doll with a response to every touch at her body.

Body also as heating features, warm hugs, warm touch.

Robotic Head Features

Robot Eyes

Eyes can looks around and blink. A lifelike presence.

Robot Mouth

Lips can move according the corresponding phonemes she speaks.

Allow as well multiple expressions

Robot Neck

Your sex doll’s head can turn left and right and can be attached to different bodies.

Robot Software

The AI Algorithm is built-in her head. Updating software and AI learning feature will help your doll to get better each time you interact with her.


Each doll is carefully send in carton box.

Flight cases are available as option.

Special Request and Inquiries

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