Where to buy a sex doll & how to buy sex dolls

If you are a long time user you probably know where to buy and how to buy your sex dolls. But when it’s your first time, it can be challenging to know where to buy a sex doll and also how to buy sex dolls.

Where to buy your doll ?

You basically have 2 choices, you can go to a shop close to your address or you can go online with a sex doll boutique


The good think about the shop is you can see the product (or at least something similar) and you can probably feel the TPE with your hands.

The problem is dolls are expensive for a shop and they will have a very limited quantity to showcase.

But the shop also will sell you a product imported and with VAT included in the price with can comes handy, they can also assist you in choosing all the options.

Online Sex Shop

Are on the other hand available all the time, you can browse a lot of different dolls and compare different shops, different models and different brands (for example WM dolls, or Z-onedoll). 

Prices are usually lower than retails, but like all online shopping, it’s important to pay attention to counterfeits.

In the last few years, we saw at Realistic Love Doll, so many new factories opening in China, and even Z-onedoll had to change its product line due to the huge amount of copies in the markets! Regarding where you buy the import process can be a problem to handle when you are not used to it.

And you can have an unexpected amount of money to pay to clear your doll. You can check our custom clearance guide for more information on the process. Note also that some sex doll shops for Europe sell with VAT in the Eurozone. And if you are not sure if you need to pay customs fees or not you still can send us a message!   We will assist you! The key points to remind when you shop online are (and it works for everything) :

  • Is the shop old?
  • Is it not too cheap? (A 140cm doll sold 900 USD, with shipping is very very very cheap)
  • Are the descriptions normal? (for example “140cm Silicone TPE doll” ,because Silicone is not TPE !)
  • Do they have secured website and secured 3rd party payment solutions? Like PayPal for example

With everything in mind you will know where to buy sex doll safely !

How to buy your doll?

The sex dolls are mostly made in 2 different materials which are totally different: Silicone and TPE. You can find here a comparison between TPE and Silicone.

That in mind you can start to shop! All dolls are declined in different sizes and body shapes. Usually, it’s one size = 1 product range (there can be exceptions but it’s most likely the case).

If you take for example the 140cm TPE from WM Dolls, you can see a lot of different dolls, they are all the same body, but with a different setting on head, eyes, wig making them almost unique.

This means that all heads are cross-compatible within a brand. If you like a 156cm doll’s head but you like to have it on a 140cm it’s totally possible. You can configure your doll with all the options you want!

Sex dolls options list

  • Head: All heads within a brand are compatible with other dolls if you can’t find the doll in the options tab contact us!
  • Eyes: Eyes are not fixed, they are adjustable and they can be changed as well
  • Wig: All heads are bald, and we use a wig that can be changed easily to another one!
  • Standing option: Dolls can’t stand by themselves with a reinforced ankle system you can find a balance point to let the doll stand!
  • Enhanced mouth: A better tongue for your doll!
  • Enhanced shoulders: With a new skeleton, the love doll can have more body positions!
  • Heating and sounds: Some dolls can have the option to have these features they are called intelligent dolls!
  • Vagina: You can choose an insert or a built-in one. All information about insert vs built-in vagina!

When everything is setup on your side, you can place your order !

Order workflow

  • The order is placed. You receive a confirmation message with all the information on your order.
  • We place the order to the factory within 24h, letting you time to adjust or cancel your order if need.
  • Production is something we can’t control, we made on demand, so the bigger the size the longest the wait. For a 100cm it’s usually! 1 week, but it can be 10 days if the factory is busy. For a 155cm it’s best to forecast a 2 weeks work
  • Once the doll is ready we send you message with all the picture of your order, at this stage it is still possible to change minor details (wig, eyes, nails), for the head it’s more likely to be possible but it depends on what is in stock, and it can be a very light colour difference between body and head.
  • When you confirm everything on your side we will prepare the dispatch. We will hold the parcel until we have a confirmation on your side, so please check your phone/mail. We ship with UPS/DHL/Fedex, and the tracking number will update on your order page. And send it to your email as well directly.
  • When everything shipped you can follow the parcel live on the shipping company website. In most of the case, a door to door delivery takes 1 week. You can also schedule a delivery time with the shipping company or pick up the parcel in their warehouse.

Example of pictures you will receive for this Sanhui Sex doll :

120cm Silicone Sanhui – 2
120cm Silicone Sanhui – 1

Where to buy a sex doll & how to buy sex dolls can be difficult, but with some understanding of the online retailer’s system and the possible counterfeits around the corner, it’s easier to shop!

Be sure to check our guide to buy sex dolls. It covers most of the biggest brands as well!