WM Doll Shop
WM doll (or WM Dolls) is the largest supplier or TPE sex dolls in the market. They were the ones that make sex dolls an affordable for everyone !

Reliable brand

Shopping with us is the warranty you will buy a genuine WM Doll (and not one of the copies anyone can find online for a super cheap price

Affordable sex dolls

Because they are in TPE, the cost is way cheaper than Silicone one. But quality is still here. TPE is imported from Japan and is not a recycled blend from  rubbers scraps in China.

WM Dolls sex dolls are perfect for who wants to start a collection or is new into the sex doll's world. They are usually used as a learning step before moving to silicone sex dolls later on.

Easy to use, easy to clean

140cm for exemple are very light, and are easy to carry around. TPE is also very easy to fix (check out or repair kits for more informations). Also WM Dolls provides stain removers for their brand.

WM Doll - Mini Love Dolls

Mini 65cm TPE Love Doll – Aiko


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